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60 Heads scaffolding Tube Drilling Machine (Horizontal Type)



Option: Combine with Auto Loading and Unloading Equipment


1. With 30 drilling heads on the left side and 30 drilling heads on the right side, total 60 drilling heads on the same machine

2. With 60pcs Drilling Bit diameter : 15mm

3. Tube Diameter: 48mm & 63.5mm

4. Hole¡¦s FIXED Pitch: 80mm

5. Loading and Unloading the Pipe: Manually (without loading rack and without unloading rack)

6. The clamping is automatic: the working circle start with one button, drilling automatically.

7. Drilling from both thickness of left & right sides at same time for through holes, NOT drill pass through hole from single side.

Major Parts/Components:

1.  Electric Motor: 2 motors on the left side and 2 motors on the right side, total 4 motors

2.  Each motor drive 15 pcs Drilling Heads

3.  With Drilling Collet * 60pcs

4.  Hydraulic Motor : 1 SET (2 Hydraulic circuits)

5.  Ball-bearing Guide Way for Slide

6.  Power Transmission by Gear Box

7.  Coolant Motor : 1/4HP

8.  Tube Clamping System :by Pneumatic Cylinder

9.  Main Machine Dimension : about 2500(L) X2100(W) X1500(H) mm

10.Machine Structure: The machine body is designed with the composite assembly with robust and endurable steel materials.

11.Characteristics of the main machine:
(1) Base is made of high tensile strength steel with precision welded and good rigidity.
(2) Shafts, bearings and all components are manufactured precisely to have long lifetime.
(3) Efficient design, easy maintenance.

12.PLC Type Electrical Control Box.


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