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H-beam / I-beam / W-beam punching machine




●100 Tons Hydraulic Cylinder * 3 sets (Top / Left / Right)

●Option: combined with cutting machine / band saw.

●It can fulfill the punching process for flanges and webs of H-beam, I-beam, W-beam, the distance from hole to beam end, the distance between holes are controlled by servo motor, automatically positioning of punching hole, NC/CNC positioning is fulfilled by automatic H-beam infeeding device.

it is able to punch from 3 to 9 different tool shapes in 3 different directions (vertically and from both horizontal sides).

It uses high quality PLC and servo motor, the upper computer is industrial computer IPC control, with friendly interface, and convenient operation, easy to learn.

●  It consists of flange punching unit, web punching unit, NC/CNC automatic infeeding conveyor, Hydraulic system, Pneumatic system.

Application :Our Tube Punching Machine can save UNLIMITED punching programs to USB Disk. And our Tube Punching Machine is suitable for the Frames, Supermarket Shelving, Department Stores, DISPLAY SYSTEM, Supermarket Display Racks, Fencing and Handrails, Form work, SCAFFOLDING, outdoor play equipment (ladders) project, Furniture for Home / Kids folding deck chair / beach chair , Shop fitting, Furnace, TV-brackets, Furniture production, Stand in the Kitchen Accessories, Pallet Rack Systems, Cantilever Racks, Pushback Racks, Supermarket Racks, Pallet Rack Systems, Gas Burner, Automotive Industry (Dashboard), Radiators, Furniture, parts of the sofas (beds), Electrical Power Transmission Poles (Tubular Poles and Lattice Poles),Towers (Telecommunication Lattice Towers and High Tension Power Transmission Towers), Supermarket Shelving, Shelving System, Working with stand in the supermarket, Construction industry, the Office Furniture, robust and safe Shop fitting solutions, Frame, playground equipment, Table Leg, Table type, Department Stores, Plant Shelves, Scaffolding (Ring Lock & CUP Lock), Display Stand, Tours, Frame Systems, Props, Accessories, Horse stalls, Supermarket Shielding, Mobile Shelving System, Schools (tables and chairs), Poultry Building System, Cable Tray, the part of V.C.D. (Volume Control Damper) for Central, Decorative Shelf and Hanging Systems and its components, Bed, Ladders, Truck Body Builders, Metalworking Industries Manufacturing for Automotive Manufacturing, Gas Stove, Power Energy and Electrical Wire Distribution, Solar System, Racking and Shelving and base of your Custom Signs, Electronic Displays, Resorts & Casinos, Outdoor Media and Repairs & Maintenance, High Volume and different purpose Punching for Square Tube / Rectangle Tube / Round Tube / Circle Tube / Ellipse Tube / Perforation and much you can expand your business to many fields.

●  Solar Energy, solar panel, construction, CSP & PV Solar Structures, facilities and engineering.

●  Steel channels, steel angles, C Channel, U Channel

●  Workplace platforms.

●  Factory shops, warehouses.

●  Truck bed framing.

●  Purlins, lintels and even as bridge girders,

●  Steel Workshop, Steel Structure Platform, Steel Fabricated House

●  MOBILE SHELVING SYSTEM, Bed, Furniture, Scaffolding (Ring Lock & CUP Lock, Tours, Frame Systems, Table type, Props, Accessories), LADDERS, truck body builders, display stand, metalworking industries manufacturing for Automotive Manufacturing, Gas Stove, power energy and electrical wire distribution, Racking and Shelving and base of your Custom Signs, Electronic Displays, Resorts & Casinos, Outdoor Media and Repairs & Maintenance, high volume and different purpose punching for Rectangle Tube/Round Tube/Circle Tube/Square Tube/Ellipse Tube/Perforation and much more......

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