RFQ for Perforated Metal Machine/Fully (Semi) Automatic Net Making Machine/Deep Throat Dual-Bearing NC-CNC Automatic Feeding High Speed Screen Pressing Machine/Automotive Production Line With Auto feeding System For Manufacturing Cable Tray Perforated Sheet

CisFun Technology Corp.

Please send samples to us or please provide the following product information before offer price.
  1. Application for Perforated:

  2. Mesh [Aperture] Specifications: Sw * Lw or Diameter * Pitch. Hole size, shape, spacing, and configuration: (ex. 1/8rd x 1/4stag)

  3. Material Type and Thickness (mm):   (ex. Stainless 304 16ga.)

  4. Material origin: Best Price or Domestic (Origin Country name) or NAFTA or ....

  5. Material CERTS required

  6. Quantity and Size: Width (mm) * Length (mm). ex. 500pcs. 60" x 120" or 2000ft. x 60"

  7. Margins: None or Unfinished or Finished (For unfinished or finished, specify)......Round or Square or Slot

               Safe Sides, No Ends

  1. Tolerances: (Check any of the following for Superior) Hole and bar size or Burr size or Camber or Flatness or Shearing/Slitting or Squareness

  2. Max. skid weight/coil size: (ex. 2000lbs, 20" I.D., 50" O.D.)

  3. Packaging Requirements

  4. Product Due Date

  5. Learned about our company from

  6. Degrease: Yes or No

  7. Fabricate (Please email drawings, .DWG or .DXF preferred)

  8. Finish (as follows....)

  9. Additional Information: Please include any additional information (ex. description of fabricated part if no drawing is available, desired price breaks, additional items, etc.)

Our  machines can make the following Products:


THROAT STYLE--Fully (Semi) Automatic

Perforated Metal Making Machine

This machine is suitable for the market which needs various patterns. The easy-changing punch dies can save a lot of time when on change mould. Also, saving much investment on different moulds, if you required large range on material thickness. This perforated metal machine is your best choice.

Type: CFT-8000; CFT-10000 ; CFT-12200;CFT-15250

Width of material:800m/m, 1000m/m, 1220m/m,1525m/m (Special Size is wecome)


Thickness of material: 0.4~8.0mm (Special Size is wecome)


Stroke per minute:100~170 cycles/Minutes



PLANO STYLE¡XFully Automatic

Perforated Metal Making Machine

Type: CFP-8000; CFP-10000 ; CFP-12200;CFP-15250


Wind of Coil/Lathing: 800m/m, 1000m/m, 1220m/m,1500m/m (Special Size is wecome)


Thickness of material: 0.4~3.0mm (Special Size is wecome)


Stroke per minute:100~200 cycles/Minutes


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