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Pressing Machine



  1. Open Back Single Crank Press

  2. High Speed Precision Power Press

  3. Open Back Double Crank Press

  4. Straight Side Double Crank Press

  5. Straight Side Single Crank Press

  6. Straight Side Double Crank Link Motion Press

  7. Straight Side Single Crank Line Motion Press

  8. Straight Side High Speed Precision Double Crank Press

  9. Gear-Change Type

  10. High Speed Leveler

  11. H Frame Single Crank Press (new)

  12. H Frame Double Crank Press(6-Gibs)(new)

  13. H Frame Double Crank Press(8-Gibs)(new)

  14. Straight side high Speed Precision Double Crank Press(new)

  15. Straight side high Speed Precision Single Crank Press(new)


Portal Type Pneumatic High Speed Pressing Machine


  1. Straight-Arm Steel-Structure Mechanism: Design of the machine will prevent the product's pressing areas deformation happened when pressing , which can further ensure a quality accuracy.

  2. Guide Passage, New Design: Slide Plate of the machine is made of specific precise copper casting. In addition to 8-direction of guide passage, which is specially good in abrasion resistance.

  3. Slide Adjusting System: The height adjusting mechanism is digital sight, the loss devise is made with hydraulic air system. Easy operation and excellent efficiency.

  4. Mechanical Template Blocking Device: If any template blocking happened while pressing, the mechanism can quickly and efficiently act trouble shooting for user.

  5. Motor Speed Adjustment System: Speed System of the machine is made in a converter design. High efficiency and can further save energy.

  6. Oiling System: The oil ways of the machine is designed as return-type circulation oil.