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Hydraulic Cold Forging Forming Machine

finished product : Spline Shaft


  • Solid Bar End Forming Machine 

  • Cold Forming Machine for Solid bar  splines and gears

  • Spline Shaft Hydraulic Cold Forging Forming Machine / Cold Extrusion Forming Hydraulic Press/ Spline shaft forming machine

  • Steel Bar Stud Bolt Diameter Reducing Machine / Bar necking machine / Pipe necking machine / Tube necking machine

  •  Hydraulic Cold Forging Press Extruding Universal Joint Gear Shaft Extrusion Forming Machine

  • Before making bolt, you have to reduce the bar's diameter. Then processing threading on the bolt.

  • Spline Shafts supplier, Machining methods include Milling, Hobbing, Shaping, Broaching and Slotting.

  • Our machines are not by rolling.


  • Cardan universal joint

  • flange

  • spline shaft

  • voltage regulator

  • spline shaft fork

  • Splines and Gears

producing process:

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