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exhaust tube perforating machine

finished products:

Gas Burner Pipe


  • Exhaust Tube Muffler Perforation Machine & Gas Burner Pipe Perforating Machine.

  • Including 1 set of FREE TOOLING: perforate 8 holes at one time with the same pitch and same hole diameter on your ready pipes

  • Machine Body Size: About 1000mm(L) x 1670mm(W) x 2000mm(H), Machine Net Weight: About 2 Tons

  • With Rotation Servo Motor: For Round Tube with Automatic Rotation – NC programmable. With Y-Axis [FEED] & B-Axis [Rotate] Servo Motors which can clip the Round Tube and rotate the Round Tube for punching the holes in the different angles.

  • This machine’s production speed is 8 holes at every 2-4 seconds (punch 8 holes at one time). So every hole pitch is FIXED (SAME). This machine type is economic solution with this production speed. We suggest you to buy 1 machine firstly for trial production, then you can buy more machines gradually to rise up the production capacity step by step.

  • Application: the exhaust system of cars, gas pipe burner, gas BBQ burner, tube burner.

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