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Automatic Pipe Slotting and Perforating Machine CFPSM-40-7-10S

Finished products : Slotting Width 0.3~0.5 mm

NC Pipe / tube Slotting Machine, mill slot perforating Machine (10 Spindles), water well slotting machine


We are successfully engaged in the production and distribution of highly acclaimed Pipe mill slot perforating / Pipe Slotting Machine in the industry. Our Pipe Slotting Machine is backed with all the modern features that make it very effectual in the area of application. It is extensively used for cutting and slotting pipes in the desired shapes as required by the customers.

1 slotting tool

2 slotting tools

4 slotting tools


1. Slotting Spindle :40 Type * 10 sets

2. Transmission Electrical Motor (1500W) with CONTROLLER:10 sets

3. Shaft coupling joint: 10 sets

4. Circular Sawing Blade Fixing Base: 10 sets

5. Hydraulic System : 5HP Special Design Hydraulic Pump: 1 set

6. V-shape Clamping Mold : 5 sets

7. Transmission Servo Motor (1500W): 1 set

8. Rotation Servo Motor (1500W): 1 set

9. Automatic PLC Electrical Control Box: with TFT HMI (Human Machine Interface) Touch Screen Colorful LCD Display, Touch Controllable Display Setting, Digital Control Systems, Servo Motor Position Scaling Precision, and Modular Memory Function.: * 1 set

10. Pipe Loading Supporting Frame : 1 set

11. Pipe Rotation Device: 1 set

12. Manual Type Chuck (Lathe Type): To clamp the pipe

13. Pipe Feeding Machine Body (with Linear Guide Rail +Rack): 1 set

14. Pipe Un-Loading Supporting Frame: 12 meters length

15. Coolant (Cooling Water) Pump: ½HP

16. Sawing Cutting Blade Base Up/Down Servo Motor: 1500W*2sets

17. Ball screw*2sets

18. Threaded Rods

19. Sawing Blades supplied by the BUYER for 0.5mm above slot thickness

20. Diagram of Hydraulic System

21. Component List

22. Electrical circuit diagram

23. Operation Manual    

Applications :

Oilfield Services Industry, Slotting and Perforating Service, Slotted Liner, Perforated Pipe, Metal Mesh Premium Screen, water well slotting

  tube slotting


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