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  • CNC Fully Automatic Punching Machine

  • Beams,  Flat Iron Plate ,  Sheet Metal Punching Press & Angle Steel - Punching and Shearing/Cutting Machine

  • Any Hole can be punched in 2D (X-Y axis) position AUTOMATICALLY

  • Automatic Punching Cutting Machine

h beam / I BEAM/ W BEAM / C channel / U channel / Z channel punching AND CUTTING machine READ MORE

  • Three Cylinders CNC Fully Automatic Punching Machine

  • Auto Tube Punching Machine with 3 Punching Heads (2 Horizontal and 1 Vertical) + Tube Rotation Servo Motor to punch the holes in the different angles


  • This machine can punch 9 different holes on the same tube

Perforated Metal Machine  READ MORE

  • Automatic Net Making Machine

  • Sheet Metal Punching Press Machine

Cable Tray Making Machine  READ MORE

  • Cable Tray Swaging Punching Forming Machine

  • Bandeja de cable Embutido de fondo Maquina formadora de hacer

Flange Punching Machine   READ MORE

  • CF1200 NC Digital Circular Oil Hydraulic Hole Punching Unit Machine

  • Hydraulic Flange Hole Punching/Puncturing Machine

CNC/NC Tube Pipe Drilling Machine  READ MORE

NOTE: Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

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Solar panel stand manufacture


scaffold making machine


racking making machine


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