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Punching and Shearing (Cutting) Machines for Beams, Flats & Angles

single Cylinder Tube Punching Machine

Dual Cylinders Tube Punching Machine

Punched Samples: 


  1. Our machine has an Auto feeding Function for the materials. Forward and Backward the materials is moved by Servo Motor. You can adjust the punching speed and the feeding speed faster or slower.

  2. Punching Motion types:

    2-1. Single Punching Operation

    2-2. Irregular Interval Punching (You can set irregular Center to Center distance [pitch] between holes)

    2-3. Regular Interval Punching. (You can set regular Center to Center distance [pitch] between holes)

  3. Operator Interface Terminals (HMI: Human Machine Interfaces) > Configured HMI Systems (Configured Industrial Panel with LCD, Touch screen [Touch TFT LCD Screen])

  4. Controller: NC (Numerical Control), Automation

  5. Production Cycle: about 2 seconds (The other factory conditional Punching need 6 seconds above)

  6. Positioner: Servo Motor, with MEMORY SAVE POSITIONS function.

  7. Hydraulic Motor Power: 7.5HP

  8. Max. Stroke Length:150mm (Stroke Length can setting in any position)

  9. Throat Depth: 600mm

  10. Table Adjust Distance (Front-Back): 150mm (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME)

  11. Servo Feed-in Positioner Frame for Material Length: 3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/12000 mm (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME) for Different variable Lengths of the materials

  12. Material Feeder/Bar Feeder/Feed-in Length: 2000mm (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME)

  13. Punching Main Machine Dimension (Apr.): 1300*800*2000mm (L*W*H) SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME

  14. Machine (Net Weight): 6800 kg for 6 meter machine

  15. Hydraulic Punching Pressure: 17Ton/30Ton/50Ton/60Ton/80Ton/100Ton  (SPECIAL DESIGN IS WELCOME)

  16. Special Punching Function:



(A) Non-Equidistant Punching Holes

(B) Equidistant Punching Holes

(C) Single Punching Hole

(D) Any Hole can be punched in 2D (X-Y axis) position AUTOMATICALLY  NEW Function (OPTION)


  • TFT HMI (Human Machine Interface) LCD display ,touching controllable screen setting, digital control systems, servo motor positioning dimension precision, attached with modular memory functions.

  • Structure: The machine body frame is designed with the composite assembly with robust and endurable spare parts.

  • Operation Function: Jogging/automatic Functions

  • Engineering Motion Classification:1single punching operation, 2irregular interval punching ,3regular interval punching

  • Hydraulic Oil System :step-less operation adjustment ,hydraulic loops designed with zero load ,combined with extremely low frequency hydraulic oil pump motor ,effectively reduced noise , increased motor efficiency and service duration

  • Whenever the hydraulic oil cylinder is moving downward , the machine is designed with featured like low RPM. It is also featured with high speed down ward moving ,low-speed processing and hi-speed position resume so that it is available to increase the formation stability of work pieces during puncturing.

  • The electrical control system is designed with the Human Machine Interface.The distance adjustment is designed with scaling positions, start distance marks, low speed position marks, and low extremity position .it is available for precise and comprehensive operation.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Stroke 150mm Stroke available for positioningthe mold set is designed with 600mm in depth available for forward and backward 150mm moving accessibility .Our machine is designed with the Italy –made digital scale (LCD Display => option) with high precision.

  • Application : C CHANNEL / Octagon Tube / Rectangle Tube / Square profiles Tube / Round Tube / Circle Tube / I-Beam / H-Beam / Flatbar / Ellipse Tube / Angle Steel / U-profile / U-Beam / Perforation / Angle steel ,grooved steel and flat steel cutting (45˘X)and  puncturing

  • Servo Position Frame Length :3000mm Feed –in Frame Length:2000mm (Standard)

  • Body:1500mm (L):6500mm W:2000mm HTotal Weight: 6.8T

HMI: Human Machine Interfaces

Punching Working Table movable (OPTION)



        Plates-punching and cutting machines for Telecom Tower, Mast, Monopole, BTS Shelter, OF Cabling, Transmission Tower Structural Members Manufacturing Plant, MOBILE SHELVING SYSTEM, Bed, Furniture, Scaffolding (Ring Lock & CUP Lock, Tours, Frame Systems, Table type, Props, Accessories), LADDERS, truck body builders, display stand, metalworking industries manufacturing for Automotive Manufacturing,Gas Stove, power energy and electrical wire distribution, Racking and Shelving and base of your Custom Signs, Electronic Displays, Resorts & Casinos, Outdoor Media and Repairs & Maintenance, high volume and different purpose punching for Rectangle Tube/Round Tube/Circle Tube/Square Tube/Ellipse Tube/Perforation and much more......

       For 12meters length materials (Beams, Flat Iron & Angle Steel....), application for Electricity Tower/Electricity Pole/Electrical Tower/BTS Tower/Lighting Pole/Transmission Tower Structural Members Manufacturing Plant, Metal Scaffolding Making Forming Machine......

Round Tube: 1"~6inch (25.4 ~150mm)


Square Tube: 25*25~106*106m (1"~4.17inch)


Rectangle/Oblong Tube: 20*40~75*130mm


Ellipse Tube:


Electricity Tower/Electricity Pole

Racking and Shelving System  MORE


Metal Scaffolding Making Forming Machine  MORE


solar panel  MORE

Optional Punching Die/Tooling/Mold for punching machines:

  1. Single Vee Press Brake

  2. Multi-Vee Press Brake

  3. Angle Bending: 102*9mm

  4. Rectangular Notcher

  5. Vee Notcher: 145*145*10mm (Side x Side x T)

  6. Pipe Notcher

  7. Flat Bar Shearing: 150*16mm

  8. Angle Shearing: 100*100*10mm (Side x Side x T)

  9. Round Bar Shearing/Cutting: Dia. 32mm

  10. Square Bar Shearing: 32/32mm

  11. Channel Shearing: 102*51mm

  12. Largest Hole: Dia. 160mm*3

  13. Notching & Holes Punching on Steel Angle

Special Requirements Mould/Tooling/Mold is WELCOME

Angle Iron Shearing/Cutting/Bar shearing Flat Plate Iron (Flat Bar) Shearing/Cutting Channel Shearing/U Beam Iron Shearing/Cutting  Punch Hole for Angle Iron/Flat Plate Iron
Punch Hole for U Beam Triangle (45 degree) Shearing/Cutting/Notching Rectangular Notcher ˇ@

Punching Machine Operation:


prop sleeve punching machine,Servo Controlled Hydraulic Channel Hole Punching Machine,Servo Controlled Hydraulic Square Pipe Hole Punching Machine,